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Why the Paleo Diet Might Be Right for You

Why the Paleo Diet Might Be Right for You

Posted by Staff on Feb 12th 2017

Paleo Diet Steak and Vegetables

Unless you are a resolute vegan, giving the Paleo Diet a try could very well be the solution you need to shed those stubborn pounds. Keep reading to see how the those who adopt the Paleo Diet are touting it's praises. If you have been thinking about trying the Paleo Diet, the following considers why you should.

If you are looking for a textbook of sorts to the Paleo Diet, you should read Robb Wolf's " The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet." You can read our review of the Paleo Solution here.

You might also enjoy The New Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson.

The Paleo Diet: What it Is How and Why it Works

The Paleo Diet owes its inception to inquisitive gastroenterologists who began to explore the diet of cavemen, wondering if a paleolithic approach to eating would be more nutritious. The official launch of the Paleo Diet is often credited to Dr. Lauren Cordain, who introduced it to the world in 2002 with " The Paleo Diet: Lose Weight and Get Healthy by Eating the Foods You Were Designed to Eat."

Update: Robb Wolf has a new book that just came out in March 2017 called "Wired to Eat: Turn off Cravings, Require Your Appetite for Weight Loss, and Determine the Foods that Work for You.

Often called "The Caveman Diet," the simplicity of the Paleo Diet focuses primarily on consuming only fresh, non-processed foods that would have been a part of the caveman's diet. 

Paleo works because it was created for the human genome. Scientists postulated that the diet itself requires strict adherence to dieting restrictions, limiting intake to only food that can be gathered or hunted. You may have noticed that this limits carbohydrate intake, and that sugar will only be consumed in food as it naturally occurs, like honey. Among other benefits, a Paleo approach to diet often raises metabolism and improves immunity.

The Paleo diet is a very natural diet in that wild is favored over processed. That includes considering what you eat ate. To illustrate, eating beef from grass-fed cows instead of grain- or junk-fed cows makes a big difference. Similarly, Paleo eaters typically prefer eggs from vegetation-fed chickens. 

The Paleo diet, as presently understood, is not a strict list of yeses and nos, but is instead a target, or a direction. Each individual is different and will react better or worse to different variations of the Paleo (or any other) diet. That said, there are certain general principles that usually apply:

What You Can Have on the Paleo Diet

  • Limited carbohydrates found naturally occurring in non-starchy vegetables and wild fruit
  • Lean meats
  • Good fats
  • Omega 3

What You Cannot Have on the Paleo Diet

  • Dairy
  • Cereal and grains, especially wheat.
  • Processed food
  • Legumes

Health Benefits of Paleo

Those who love the results they are getting on the Paleo diet will tell you they are also enjoying better health. Common health benefits might include the following:

  • Blood Sugar Stabilization

  • Balanced Energy Lasting All Day

  • Clear Skin and Improved Dental Health

  • Improved Sleep Patterns

  • Improved Workout Capacity and Stamina

  • Reduced Inflammation

  • Weight Loss

Of course, like anything else, your results will vary. We are all unique individuals.

Paleo Recipes

One of the most challenging aspects of following the Paleo Diet is learning how to cook delicious Paleo recipes. Amazon sells  "The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook," by Paleo legend Loren Cordain, which offers 250 amazing and satisfying recipes.

Paleo Diet Plan

Those who have been on the Paleo diet path for a while now are steadfast in their devotion. They stay on the  nutrition plan because they see results. Paleo diehards enjoy a faster moving metabolism, increased energy and report an general increase in their overall sense of well being. Dieters report feeling energized, happier and healthier all round. 

Following the paleolithic food plan guide, creating a meal plan using recipes for an awesome paleolithic meal similar to food the caveman would eat sounds complicated. But once you create your Paleo list of ingredients, crafting a fantastic meal from the guide list is simple. Stick to the list, create a Paleo guide, and eat like a caveman or cavewoman.

If you are about to travel and want to stick to a Paleo-like diet, you should read this about eating while traveling.

photo credit: Nams82 Steak via photopin (license)