How "Impossible to Ignore" by Carmen Simon Can Help Your Marketing

How "Impossible to Ignore" by Carmen Simon Can Help Your Marketing

Posted by JB on Jun 23rd 2019

Book Review of Impossible to Ignore

Do you own your own company, or are you in charge of marketing for a company? Or perhaps you are part of a marketing company? It used to be that marketing was really just advertising—paying to get your good name out there or make your name good by associating it with some catchy slogans.

Today, marketing isn’t just advertising and there are options outside of the typical television, magazine, and newspaper ads that used to be the go-to approach.

One of the most effective marketing techniques of our current age is content marketing. Instead of piecing together a slogan, company name, and some feature descriptions, companies engaged in content marketing offer substantive articles or videos that provide actual value (without cost) to the consumer. At the same time, the article will demonstrate the expertise of the company or individual and show the consumer that if they need further help in that area, the author or company may be a good person to contact. Strong content—i.e. helpful information—also offers a gift of sorts to the reader or viewer, which may create in them a desire to pay back the content’s supplier by giving them business (Read Influence by Robert Cialdini for more about how this works. You can read our article about Influence here ).

If you want to better understand how to structure your content in a way that connects with your readers’ or viewers’ brains, you should read Impossible to Ignore: Creating Memorable Content to Influence Decisions , by Carmen Simon, PhD . This outstanding and thorough book digs into the science beyond what makes content memorable and offers practical how-to advice in structuring and creating content for different types of audiences. This isn’t a motivational pamphlet on why you should create more content, but instead is more of a scientific treatise—though less than 250 pages—on what works and what doesn’t, and why.

Carmen Simon, in Impossible to Ignore, digs into neuroscience, memory, and other research to explain precisely how you can engage with the science to make your article, presentation, or video more memorable to your audience. Indeed, she goes deeper than that—how can you make your company or your message more memorable at the right time, when, for example, the customer is ready to make a purchase decision.

For example, Impossible to Ignore demonstrates how a content creator can create cues that attract attention and connect with its audience’s needs, use memory-influencing variables to control what its audience remembers, and turn today’s intentions into tomorrow’s actions.

This well-researched book could turn into a classic for marketers as it is essentially a how-to manual backed up by the most recent empirical evidence. If you are involved in marketing at all, this is a must-read. Even if you aren’t a marketer or business owner (which means you are a de facto marketer), this book may be interesting to you. It is remarkable the level of sophistication that goes into crafting a persuasive and memorable message. It is more than just stringing a few words together.

In fact, this book makes for a good companion to Robert Cialdini’s classic book Influence, and his more recent book, Pre-Suasion. If you want to persuade, influence, and become memorable, you should read all three. Indeed, reading these books will also help you resist or at least understand the structure of the messages that are coming at you every day.

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